Prayer in India

The Foreign Mission(FM) of the ALCA would like to inform you of the many things that the Lord is allowing your Foreign Mission to do in His vineyard around the world. The goal and mission of the Foreign Mission of the ALCA is to endeavor to be obedient to the words of our Lord when He said: Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15) Thus, we are sending this call to encourage you to help us in the Lord’s work.

Each person has talents, skills, and a certain level of resources that are given by God. The work that we are engaged in is not the Mission Board’s work or the mission of a few people, it is the mission of all of God’s children. We need your help through your prayers, talents, and financial gifts in order to accomplish this mission.

We are making a plea to please consider supporting the Foreign Mission work of the ALCA, if you are not already doing so. We need people to volunteer their time while here in the USA/Canada, people to come on mission trips, people to pray for our work, and people who can financially support the FM work. We all are subject to the same Lord who has instructed this work to be done. The Lord did not say to spread His Holy Word only in times of abundance. If each of us would “pitch in” even in a small way, this work could continue and be expanded as the Lord so wills.

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