HIV/AIDS Booklet


Abstinence booklet

Abstinence booklet

Abstinence booklet

Abstinence booklet

Abstinence booklet

HIV/AIDS Prevention Ministry

In the two decades since its outbreak, HIV has infected more than 60 million people in the world, and AIDS has caused the deaths of more than 20 million. This disease has shattered lives, left families destitute, and impacted the economies of affected countries. In addition, more than 15 million children have been orphaned by AIDS with the prediction that this number could reach 25 million by 2015 (orphan defined as a child losing one or both parents).

At one time, many of us (including this editor) have believed that the AIDS disease only affected people living a promiscuous, aberrant, and sinful lifestyle. But this is not the case in today’s world. The HIV virus affects innocent people as well — babies can be born with the virus from infected mothers, it can be passed on to babies from the milk of infected mothers, it can be passed on through blood transfusions from tainted blood. It can be passed on to an innocent spouse when the other spouse contracts the disease, etc.

The Biblical Basis for Sexual Abstinence to Avoid AIDS:

The ALC Foreign Mission Board had an opportunity to become involved in the HIV/AIDS pandemic through the Mission Hospital in India. In 2004, Dr. Syam Kumar of the hospital asked us for help in preparing a booklet on “the biblical basis for sexual abstinence to avoid AIDS.” He was concerned about the impact of the disease in India. The hospital has received thousands of HIV/AIDS cases. With the population of India now approaching 1.1 billion, the country (and most of Central Asia) is in an explosive situation regarding the disease. Some reports say that Asia could surpass Africa in the number of HIV/AIDS cases.

The AIDS booklet is titled: Follow Jesus, Prevent Aids. The booklet not only provides information on HIV/AIDS, but provides an introduction to the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since its initial distribution in India, the booklet has also been printed in Ghana and South Africa. In addition, the booklet is being translated and printed in other languages of Southern Africa. The AIDS pandemic has hit Africa the hardest, with fully 70% of the global caseload being borne by Africa. The booklet has received excellent reception in the countries where it is being distributed. To date, 900,000 copies have been printed.

Use of Booklet in Ghana, Southern Africa, and India:

Ghana: The booklet distribution and seminars are being undertaken by Pastor Frank Famiyeh of the ALC of Ghana Thus far, 27,000 copies have been printed. The impact of the booklet is shown by the following excerpts from Pastor Famiyeh’s latest report:

“When readers of the booklet, especially dejected and distressed AIDS victims, find solace and new hope in Christ – when they openly make confessions in regard to eternal life in Christ –we get sobered by their passion and derive such fulfillment that it is difficult to describe. “With regard to results, I wish to report that we were very excited about the Ghana AIDS Commission’s recent announcement of a reduction from 3.6 to 3.1% prevalence rate in Ghana, knowing that our efforts have contributed to this positive development.

“We are compelled to place on record that the idea to introduce the abstinence booklet in Ghana has proven to be fantastic and highly rewarding! “

Southern Africa: The distribution of the booklet is being done by Alice Magola from the country of South Africa, who is the wife of Pastor Nick Magola. Thus far, 25,000 copies have been printed.

Excerpts from a report by Alice Magola follows:

“I would like to thank the Foreign Mission Board for the work you are doing here. Many lives are being changed and spiritual destinations realized just by reading the HIV/AIDS booklet. Many young people are changing their ways, and those who were not sexually active are mostly making up their minds to abstain.

“We are getting wonderful feedback on the booklet from schools. The only challenge we have facing us is when the school principals ask for more copies — we don’t have any extra copies. “A brief summary of our recent activity: For South Africa: English - language booklet distributed to 50 high schools; Sotho translation is in printing; For Malawi: Chewa translation has been printed; For Mozambique and Angola: Portuguese translation distributed; For Zambia: Bemba translation is in printing.”

India: Excerpts of report from Dr. Syam Kumar. More than 800,000 copies have been printed in India:

“I thank the Foreign Mission Board for the sexual abstinence booklet. To my knowledge, this is the first booklet published in India on ‘the biblical basis for sexual abstinence to avoid AIDS.’ “The booklet has been translated into 23 languages of India. The magnitude of the help or benefit people have received is immeasurable. The health of families and society in general has been aided. Many other Christian organizations are now asking for the booklet to use in their mission work. “The booklet distribution team now consists of 30 pastors, and their work has been started in 12 states.”

Two (Hindu) newspapers have published brief articles on the work being done under these headings:
Pastors Rally on HIV/AIDS Prevention;

Believe in God, Keep Away From Aids.

Following are letters from pastors involved in the distribution.

Letter No.1: With the booklet title, “Follow Jesus, Prevent AIDS”, many people in the villages, including women and girls, have been made aware of the AIDS disease. They have become free of the superstitions regarding the disease. The people who have come for the seminars are mostly backward class people, coolies, and others who have come to work in the rice mills and rice fields. Many of them have been sexually abused. They lack medical education but have become enlightened through your program to keep away from sexual immorality. We wish that many more programs would be conducted in the future through the ALC to bring the preaching of Jesus Christ. Your program has helped very much to drive away AIDS.

– Pastor T. Jaya Babu

Letter No.2: Our thanks in the name of the Lord. We are happy that you have conducted AIDS awareness programs in our communities because of our ignorance. The preaching of the Gospel, the preventive measures you have given about AIDS, along with the way people can come to faith in the Lord, have blessed us. We pray that you will arrange many more programs of this type, along with the Gospel message so that people will be aware and hear of the evil deeds. We want to carry the messages of the prevention of AIDS to others.

– Pastor David Raju

Letter No.3: By conducting the AIDS classes, many people have obtained an awareness of the disease, not only these people, but they are spreading the information amongst other people. The AIDS classes have provided a lot of respect and consolation to people who have been depressed. Through this wonderful booklet, they have come to know not only about AIDS, but also the salvation in the Lord. In our prayer meetings and house visits, we are cautioning people about AIDS (Psalm 119:11, Proverbs 14:34). Please pray for the people of our country and their health.

– Pastor T. Jyothi Babu

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