Children from India
India Map
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India is a country in southeast Asia. With over 1.2 billion people, India is the second most populous country in the world. India is the world's largest democracy and the Indian economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. Despite this, almost half the population of India lives in poverty and the disparity gap between the rich and poor is growing.

The predominant religion in India is Hinduism (over 80%). Other religions include Islam (13%), Christianity (2%), and Sikhism (2%). Technically, there is freedom of religion in India, but it varies in degree from state to state. Anti-conversion laws have been passed in several states. Persecution toward Christians from extremist groups also exists.

We began our mission work in India in 1994. We are working with indigenous churches to accomplish the following:
We are involved in one state in India: Andhra Pradesh (A.P.). Click on the city/region name below to view a description of the mission work being done in that area.

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