Church service
Gospel Outreach Ministries
Injaram, A.P.

The work in Injaram is under the direction of Pastor M.P. Sugandharatnam. His ministry, Gospel Outreach Ministries, was established in 1992 for the purpose of bringing the gospel to the unreached communities in A.P. and the tribal groups in Northeast India associated with the ministry. There are 20 churches in the Injaram area.

The gospel is being spread through:

  • Outreach ministries to the communities
  • Gospel literature ministry
  • Medical ministry
  • Care of destitute children and the elderly

Outreach Ministries:
Gospel meetings and evangelistic services are conducted for the unreached communities. Some castes have never been touched by the gospel. If one is converted they may be rejected and persecuted by their own people. These newly converted people need teaching and encouragement to stand for their faith and to begin reaching out to the others in their community to develop a church group. As a group grows, it is our prayer that a church can be established and assigned a dedicated servant of God to lead the new congregation.

Literature Ministry:
Bibles, New Testaments and gospel literature are distributed, sometimes secretly, to the unreached. Much more literature translation and distribution can be done.

Medical Ministry:
Through a Christian Eye Care Center at our Church, whenever the funds are available, we offer free eye care service to those suffering from eye diseases. A gospel message is proclaimed to the patients at each session.

Care of Destitute Children and the Elderly:
Our hope is to establish homes for the destitute children and elderly. The destitute children cannot go to school because of their poverty and many of them wander the streets and become beggars. To the extent possible, we provide the children with proper food, clothing and books.

Northeast India Ministry:
This is a new ministry presently working among the Karbianglong people in Assam, the Maitie people in Manipur and the Nepali people groups who live on the border of Nagaland and Assam and who originally migrated from Nepal. There are three pastors working in these tribes. Gospel meetings and literature translation work is being done in the languages of these tribal groups.

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