The Mission Hospital in India has been critically short of funds for over a year. Unfortunately, this means they have had to let much of the staff go. There are also no longer any in-patients, they are rarely able to perform surgeries, and patients are now required to fill their own prescriptions. Please pray for the hospital and the patients. Please pray for more funding. Please pray that God would give direction and guidance for the future of the hospital.

Liberia is still desperately poor after coming out of a horrific civil war several years ago. Most of the country still has no electricity or plumbing. There are also few good roads and the infrastructure is in dire needs of repair. Pray that the country continues to recover. Pray that peace remains. The Apostolic Lutheran Church of Liberia is asking for loans to build churches. Please pray that God would answer their prayers.

Due to the increase of armed disturbances and attacks, we haven't visited or even had much contact with the Apostolic Lutheran Church in Nigeria for some time. Please pray for peace in Nigeria and protection for the people.

South Africa
In the United Lutheran Church of South Africa, many of the people have very little Bible knowledge. Some of this is due to illiteracy. Please pray that God would put a desire in the hearts of the people to know more of God. Pray that ways would be found for them to learn to read or to access audio Bibles. Please pray for the leader of the church, Bishop Louis Mphahlele.

The harsh government that has ruled this country since the 1960's is slowly changing and allowing the country more freedom. Please pray that the country will continue to open up. Please pray that the next elections there will be truly free and democratic. Please pray that religious freedom will actually be implemented. Also, pray for all the Christians living there. Pray that God would continue to protect them and use them to call others into his kingdom.

Please pray that the churches we work with in Russia would grow and flourish. Pray that God would put a desire for his word in each believer's heart! Pray that those who have not yet heard the gospel will hear the word and that God would add daily to the flock of God's children in Russia!

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