Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka is a small island located off the southern tip of India. Sri Lanka is a democratic socialist republic. About 70% of the population is Buddhist, 15% is Hindu, 8% is Muslim, and 8% is Christian. Officially, there is freedom of religion in Sri Lanka. In practice, there is a lot of tension between different religious groups and persecution does exist.

We started working in Sri Lanka in 2006. We partnered with an existing church that had contacted us by mail, looking for Christian literature for distribution and pastoral training.

Because of persecution, Christians in Sri Lanka face many hard times. As soon as they become a Christian, their husband or wife usually leaves them, they lose their job, their immediate family will ignore them, and they get harassed and mistreated by hospitals, stores, and anyone they try to do business with.

The ministry in Sri Lanka involves the following:
  • Instruction, training, and support for pastors.
  • House to house ministry, every day visiting and talking to people in their homes about Jesus.
  • Powerful worship services. Some people leave at 4 in the morning and don't get home until 8 at night, to go to a Sunday church service. This service is something that they look forward to ALL week, waiting for the day they can go and fellowship with all of the other Christians, and hear the precious Word of God, after being persecuted all week.
  • Hospital visits. Bringing the gospel to people that need HOPE in their lives.
  • Family support. There are 3 small businesses that are owned by the church (started during the mission trip of January, 2006) that help to support the outreach ministry, and people that can not live without the help of the church (widows, elderly, orphans).

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