Village children
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Togo is a long, narrow country in West Africa. The population is about 5.1 million. Religions include traditional religions 59%, Roman Catholic 21%, Muslim 13%, and Protestant 7%.

Togo's official language is French, though most people speak it as a second language. Their mother tongue is one of several African languages. English is not widely known, especially in the rural areas. However both head pastors we work with, Pastor Nestor and Pastoe Devigan speak English well.

We have been working with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Christ – Togo (ELCCT) since 2007. There is usually one trip a year from North America. These trips are usually quite short and consist of several days of Pastors' Training and several services. These are, and will continue to be, the essential parts of the ministry.

However, both Togolese pastors pressed us to expand our trips to Togo. They, as well as the seminar participants, would love to see more seminars. They would also love to have help in their rural village ministry, assistance in hosting dental/medical camps, help with children's ministry, etc.

Thank you for your interest. More information coming soon!

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